Vincent Moretti 22-7 76
David Lagos 24-6 80
Timothy Larkin Jr. 21-4 84
NBA Sports Picks
[ Vincent Moretti ]      Grand Canyon @ Liberty: Grand Canyon +5 (-115)  Win      Nevada @ Drake: Drake +4.5 (-113)  Win      Charlotte @ Duke: Duke -16 (-105)  Win      Canisius @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh -17.5 (-110)  Loss      Eastern Washington @ Air Force: Eastern Washington +7 (-115)  Win      Georgia Southern @ North Florida: North Florida -4.5 (-105)  Win      Illinois @ Tennessee: Tennessee -7.5 (-109)  Loss      |      [ David Lagos ]      New Mexico @ Santa Clara: New Mexico -9.5 (-111)  Win      Drexel @ West Virginia: West Virginia -5.5 (-110)  Win      Cincinnati @ Xavier: Cincinnati -1 (-109)  Loss      Cal Poly @ Weber State: Cal Poly +13 (-110)  Loss      Hofstra @ Saint Louis: Saint Louis +4.5 (-112)  Win      |      [ Timothy Larkin Jr. ]      Drexel @ West Virginia: West Virginia -5.5 (-110)  Win      Army @ Navy: Over 28 (-106)  Push      Marist @ Dartmouth: Marist +1 (-115)  Win      Alabama @ Purdue: Purdue -5.5 (-110)  Win      Florida Gulf Coast @ Minnesota: Minnesota -9.5 (-115)  Win      Missouri @ Kansas: Kansas -13 (-110)  Loss      Western Kentucky @ Buffalo: Western Kentucky -6.5 (-110)  Win      Northern Illinois @ Monmouth: Monmouth -1 (-110)  Win      Southeast Missouri State @ Fort Wayne: Southeast Missouri State +14.5 (-111)  Win
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Sports Betting Advice

Each year billions of dollars are wagered on sporting events. Some sports bettors bet on their favorite sports or teams for entertainment purposes while others are sports betting professionals that bet for a living. Each person has only one thing in mind, to win!

The Las Vegas Sports Consultants have been providing winning sports picks for years and listed below are tips that can help you win.

Winning Sports Betting Advice

There are a number of important factors to consider when betting sports online. It’s a wise choice to follow expert advice and sports betting tips from the pros. Here are some sports betting tips from the Las Vegas Sports Consultants:

  • Knowledge Reigns Supreme: Educate yourself on the sports betting industry. Learn how to follow the sports betting odds and sports betting lines released by Vegas or your sports pick service. Learn to follow trends and matchups in addition to the advice from your sports handicapping service.


  • Be Wise: Design your own money management system that is tailored to your bankroll. You don’t always have to follow a professional’s money management advice but develop one that makes you comfortable.  All winning sports bettors follow a money management system. This will prevent you from wagering more than you can afford to lose.


  • If You Lose, Stay Calm: Before you start to bet there is one thing you need to realize, you won’t win every bet. There’s never been a sports bettor in history who hasn’t lost a sports bet. The key to sports betting is to win more games than you lose.  If a sports handicapping service claims to win close to 100% of the time, just know they are misleading you.


  • If You Win, Stay Calm: Winning streaks are expected.  This doesn’t mean you start to wager more when you’re hot.  Stick to your money management system and continue with your investments.  It’s a marathon, not a race.


  • Check Your Emotions: Betting on your favorite team is a dangerous proposition. As the saying around Vegas goes, don’t bet with your heart.


  • Sports Consulting Advice: If you’re like most professionals you might not have time to conduct your own research and develop your own tools.  If you’re serious about sports investing you should look into a sports handicapping service such as the Las Vegas Sports Consultants.  Cashin’ Tickets offers Premium Picks from all major sports including NFL, NCAAF, MLB, NBA and NCAAB.


  • Sportsbooks: Establish sports betting accounts with a minimum of three reputable online sports betting companies.  The Las Vegas Sports Consultants will typically release all picks early enough for members to jump on the best lines.  Check all your books to see which one is posting the best odds.  Your sports consulting service should be able to steer you in the right direction if you are not sure which books to use.


At www.cashintickets.com, you will get the best sports betting tips and sports investment information available online.

No matter the sport or season, the Las Vegas Sports Consultants will deliver winning sports picks.  Augment your bankroll and join the service that offers $50 Guaranteed Winners every day!