Vincent Moretti 22-5 81
David Lagos 8-10 44
Timothy Larkin Jr. 12-11 52
NFL Sports Picks
[ Vincent Moretti ]      Toronto @ Chicago: Toronto -1.5 (-132)  Win      |      [ David Lagos ]      Houston @ Seattle: Seattle -105  Win      |      [ Timothy Larkin Jr. ]      Boston @ Baltimore: Boston +1.5 (-156)  Loss      Boston @ Indiana: Indiana +7.5 (-110)  Win
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Detailed Records for Vincent Moretti

Sport Win - Loss - Push Percentage Units
NFL 875 - 646 - 39 58% 21717
NCAAF 1069 - 779 - 37 58% 28192
NBA 2465 - 1795 - 72 58% 96638
NCAAB 2959 - 2044 - 75 59% 85892
MLB 5005 - 3426 - 183 59% 154652

Time Frame Win / Loss / Push Percentage Units
Yesterday 1 - 0 - 0 100% 100
Last 7 Days 22 - 5 - 0 81% 3555
Last 30 Days 74 - 26 - 0 74% 9810
Last 90 Days 209 - 121 - 2 63% 14645
Last Year 944 - 590 - 24 62% 48492
Record Since Start 12373 - 8690 - 406 59% 387091

Bio for Vincent Moretti

Anthony Moretti is a first generation Italian-American who currently resides in Las Vegas by way of Boston, MA. Anthony was raised by Italian immigrant parents that believed in hard work. His parents exhaustive work schedules allowed for Anthony to freely roam the streets at an early age. Although Anthony is grateful today, he sure took advantage of being one of the few that spoke English in his family. Both of his parents worked multiple jobs to help support the family and provide a better life for Anthony. For this reason Anthony is forever indebted to his family.

It was very hard for Anthony to focus on school when his friends were always around to help persuade him to hang out on the streets. Anthony learned at an early age that his size was an intimidating characteristic which he could use to his advantage. Anthony claims to have never started a fight but he has never backed down from one either. After numerous run ins with the police for fighting and disturbances, Anthony was guided to the boxing ring where he dreamed of following Rocky Marciano ’s footsteps. Anthony was a successful young boxer becoming a regional Golden Gloves champion and was an intimidation force in the ring using his raw power and quickness to dismantle many young men that opposed him. Anthony was labeled "Tony Touch" given by his trainer referring to the "touch of sleep" he would give opponents after knocking them out.

While Tony found refuge in the ring it was becoming very difficult for his trainers and mentors to get him to show up for training sessions. As Tony grew older he was discouraged by how much his parents labored compared to how little they were compensated. Tony would routinely miss training to roam the streets with his friends in search of money making opportunities. At one point Tony was introduced to an uncle of his friend who allegedly ran an underground bookmaking operation. Uncle Nico allowed the boys to hang around his apartment and watch the Red Sox and Celtics and ultimately introduced them to his underground bookmaking operation.

Tony saw this as his opportunity to earn money and quickly became a fixture around Uncle Nico. Tony was often sent to collect money from degenerate gamblers who failed to pay Uncle Nico for lost wagers. As Tony grew older and more knowledgeable about sports wagering and line setting he realized the opportunities that Las Vegas could offer. Tony was often left in charge of the bookmaking operation Uncle Nico ran and was known for setting his own lines. Tony had a passion for Boston sports and it quickly became a passion for making money on all sports. From basketball to horse racing, Tony and Uncle Nico would accept all wagers, under their terms and lines of course.

At the age of 29 Tony decided to pack up and move to Las Vegas with high hopes of legally breaking into the sports gambling industry. Tony was introduced to many influential people in Las Vegas by his Boston connections. After years of hard work and a little luck, CashinTickets.com is pleased to showcase the many talents of Anthony Moretti. With unlimited resources in the sports and handicapping communities, Tony is sure to have a beat on the line before it is released.
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